Human Resources and Social Development Canada Job Offer Confirmation

We provide a number of corporate immigration services for both Canadian and foreign employers.

HRSDC/Service Canada Applications:

  • Labour Market Opinion (LMO) – This document is required to facilitate the issuance of a work permit to the foreign worker. We provide the employer with step-by-step guidance in preparing and submitting the application to the regional HRSDC office.
  • Arranged Employment Opinion (AEO) – This document strictly supports a federal skilled worker immigration application. It does not authorize or lead to employment authorization. Securing AEO is extremely valuable to any skilled worker applicant.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada Applications:

  • Work permits based on NAFTA and other trade agreements
  • LMO work permits
  • Intra-company transferees
  • Semi-skilled and low-skilled workers

For each case the proper work permit category must be seleceted. Citizenship and Immigration Canada carefully assess the request against the relevent criteria in the temporary foreign worker manual.